The Top 4 Things that Keep You from Living Your Travel Dreams

(and how to overcome them!)

Traveling more is a common goal that a lot of people have.  Most folks have a bucket list of places that they want to see in their lives.  Maybe you have one, too.  

Very few people actually realize their travel dreams and get to check those big trips off of their bucket list.  Most folks (especially in the US) are lucky if they get to take a week away each year.

Many people tell themselves that they will take those big, bucket list trips later, when they are retired, or when their kids are out of the house, or when they have more money. By pushing your travel dreams off into the distant future, you are selling yourself and your kids short. 

This strategy that we build around realizing our travel dreams is a huge risk. What happens when you get to the end of that string of excuses and your dreams of travel still haven’t magically materialized?  No one will drop your dream vacation right into your lap.  Too often, “we don’t have money” and “we don’t have time” continue in perpetuity because they become a mindset.

Here are the most common reasons that people don’t achieve their travel dreams (and some ideas for where to start if you are stuck on one or more of these common problems).  Do any of these descriptions apply to you?

Problem #1: Lack of Knowledge 

We want to travel more as a family, but planning a big trip with kids is SO OVERWHELMING (especially in today’s new post covid travel landscape)!  We are a busy family, and just don’t know how or have the time to efficiently plan our dream trip so that everyone will enjoy it and it will truly be an opportunity to grow and connect as a family.

  • Get some support!  Working with a travel planner who gets your travel style can be a great place to start.  There are also many great Facebook groups for all styles of travel where you can ask questions of folks who have been there/done that to fill in the details that you are missing.

  • Find a few GOOD travel blogs on the internet and follow them.  There is SO MUCH travel info on the internet that it can be overwhelming.  Find blogs that provide actionable, useful information that goes deeper than “10 things to do in ___________”.  

  • Get my guide and workbook to walk you through each step that we take every time we plan a vacation.  Using this guide will alleviate your anxiety by making sure you aren’t forgetting anything while planning a fulfilling trip that your family will love.  Message me if you want to get your hands on a copy!

Problem #2: Lack of Time

Our bucket list is big and burning a hole in our pockets, but we just don’t have the vacation time free or the flexibility to really make a dent in it (or maybe even take a vacation at all)!

  • Look into possibilities for working from home in your job. This pandemic has shown a lot of folks that working from home is a viable option for many folks (and if you are working from home, you could just as easily be working from the beach or pretty much anywhere with internet...just sayin).

  • Switch it up. If you just can’t get more vacation time, and you still have a bucket list that is burning a hole in your pocket, perhaps you should think about a career switch.  I work with too many people who hate their jobs for one reason or another.  Life is too short to have a job that you dislike or that doesn’t allow for enough balance to accomplish your non work goals. Open your mind to the possibilities and see where it takes you.

  • Downsize.  This one was big for us.  What is the #1 reason that most folks work 40+ hours a week?  To pay down the debt of a mortgage.  If you can lower that payment, or lower your mortgage so you can pay it off faster, you have the freedom to work less (leaving more time to go after your dreams.)  How different would your life be without the burden of your house payment?  What big dreams would you be able to accomplish?

Problem #3: Wellness

We really want to travel, but health concerns prevent us from a) taking the kinds of trips that we really want to take or b) prevent us from working so that we can pull together the money that we need to go on some of our dream trips.

*** Wellness is such a multifaceted subject, and the right solution obviously needs to be individualized for each person.  These are very generalized suggestions.  If this is a struggle that you face, reach out to me and we can work together on finding possible solutions that are customized to your needs.  Oh, and I am not a doctor...I can offer no medical advice.  Please get your physician involved in this conversation.

  • Get the toxins out of your life!  We are surrounded by toxins.  They are in our cleaning products, personal care products, candles, food.  These chemicals are absorbed into our bodies in the air that we breathe, through our skin and in the foods that we eat and can have serious health consequences.  I am convinced that this is the biggest, easiest step that you can take to improve your health, because once your body isn’t struggling to help you detox all of this crap, it can function the way that it was designed to and can start healing itself.

  • Feed your body the building blocks that it needs for healing.  I wish this was as simple as just good nutrition, but the nutrient density in our foods has been decreasing over time.  Supplementation is almost a necessity, even if you are already eating well.  I would be happy to share with you what has made a big difference in our family as far as supplementation goes....

  • Get Oily!  We use a TON of essential oils in our family.  They are an easy to use tool to use to support wellness on a daily basis.  Many folks try oils and don’t get the results that they are looking for (maybe you are one of them?)  They assume that oils don’t work, but the secret is that you need to use the highest quality oils and find the specific oils that work best for your family. Let me know if I can point you in the right direction with this...

Problem #4: Money!

We want more than anything to go on a vacation, because we REALLY need a break.  We work hard, and we are getting by, but we never seem to “get ahead”.  It feels like we are running on a never ending hamster wheel.   We just don’t have the money to take the kind of vacation that we really want (or maybe no vacation at all…)

  • Learn to travel on super budget mode.  This encompasses so many things.  Choosing a budget friendly destination that is still AMAZING, getting by cheaply with eating, choosing which activities to splurge on and finding the inexpensive hidden gems that will make your vacation super memorable.  I could talk about budget travel for hours...message me to join our Healthy Family Travel Facebook group for waaay more detail with this than I can give here.  

  • Open your heart to abundance. Ok, I know this is going to sound kind of woo-woo...please forgive goes.  Learn to let go of thinking of money as a limited quantity that only certain people have.  You get back what you put out there.  If you continue to project negative thoughts about money, it will be hard to shift into a place of abundance.  Breathe.  Take time each day to express gratitude and it will open your heart to more blessings.  BREATHE.

  • Find the RIGHT side hustle.  There are lots of ways to make money for travel (or anything) outside of your traditional employment.  I know, I have tried many of them.  The trick is finding something that aligns with your values and passions.  Do you love clothes?  Then making money selling used clothes on Poshmark or Ebay might be for you.  Love shopping?  Then making some extra money for a grocery shopping service could be your thing. Love gardening?  Then starting a little side business installing and caring for busy people’s gardens could be your thing. 

    If it isn’t something that you really LOVE, then you won’t stick with it long enough to get it up and running and you will think that sort of thing just doesn’t work (it does, for lots of folks and could be the key to your freedom!) 

Are your travel dreams on indefinite hold?  I can help!
I help families overcome the obstacles that prevent them from traveling as much as they want and from checking the big things off of their family travel bucket lists. We have an awesome Facebook community where we go waaay more in depth into all of this.  Let’s help celebrate each other’s travel WINS!
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