Shanna at Lake Covodonga
Shanna Schultz Family Travel Agent


Hello. My name is Shanna. I am here to help you start getting those bucket list trips off your wish list and on to your calendar!

I am a mom and a passionate travel addict.  I am a family travel expert and a travel writer, and I am always planning and obsessing over our next trip! I offer itineraries, courses, resources, journals and other useful tools to help make your bucket list trips happen. 

Travel has been such an absolute blessing in our lives.  The opportunity to see far away places, and to see the look of awe and wonder in my kids’ eyes when they experience a new place or a new culture for the first time is worth more than money. 

Travel has enriched our lives immeasurably. It has taught my kids empathy and compassion.  Travel has taught them to be flexible and resilient and to look for creative solutions to problems.  Most importantly, it has taught my kids that the world is bigger than their backyard, and to look at how their actions impact the wider world.

Travel has the ability to widen our vision and inspire our dreams in a way that few other things can.  When I help someone plan a life changing travel experience, I get a sense of deep satisfaction knowing that I played a small part in making precious memories happen that they will cherish forever.  

Wanderlust has always been a part of my path.  When my husband and I were growing up, we have many fond memories of taking iconic road trips and camping trips with our families. We expanded our travel habit as adults by exploring much of the US on our own, and eventually expanding our adventures to encompass visits to over 40 countries (many now with our kids in tow)!  

I am committed to sharing the blessings of travel with those with a hunger for more travel in their lives.  Life is short…I deeply want you to start checking some of those big things off of your bucket list!

By continually pushing your travel dreams off into the future, you are selling yourself short!  No one ever looked back on their life and thought that they traveled too much or had too many amazing experiences. elel