Are you looking for ways to make your travel dreams a reality?  If you are, then your own brain is where you should start. 

What is the Biggest Obstacle Keeping You From Your Travel Dreams?

Your Amaziong Brain

Your brain is an amazing place.  In addition to helping you think, remember, running your body, and helping to regulate your emotions, it is constantly working in the background for your highest good.  Your brain is busy, even when you don’t realize it.  It creates what it thinks you want, and it gets that information from your thoughts and words over time.

Your thoughts and words weave themselves over the years into stories.  Our stories are what help us self identify, but they can also negatively impact our goals and ambitions.  For example, I have heard many people say over the years, “We never get to take a vacation, we just don’t have enough money/time/whatever.”  

When I hear that, I can’t help but think, “Yikes, be careful...your brain is listening.”  When your brain hears that, it works to manifest THAT.  If this is something that you are telling yourself, chances are your dream vacation will never come.

I can hear you thinking right now, “This sounds nuts.  How can my words and thoughts affect whether or not I go on vacation?  This sounds too good to be true.”  Hear me out.  The “woo-woo” all has some good, hard science to back it up.

Reprogramming our Travel Story

This website talks about the science behind the power of your thoughts and gives some great information and links to specific scientific studies.  Check it out if the skeptic in you is squirming.

You could also do a Google search, “Neurolinguistic Programming”, “Conscious Language” or “Law of Attraction” to see for yourself.  These are all different “languages” that are essentially saying the same thing.  If you REALLY want to dive out there to the land of the amazing, continue your searching for “quantum physics and your thoughts” and see what comes up (but, I digress down a rabbit hole).

Now, I am not saying that you can think yourself a vacation and it will just magically happen.  If you just sit there and wait for your vacation to happen, odds are that it never will.  You see, it is never the right time, you never seem to have enough money, etc.  Making your travel dreams a reality takes commitment and work.

What I am saying is that your thoughts are the bottom of the vacation pyramid.  Your thoughts are where ideas for adventures start, and your thoughts tell your brain whether it has permission to make them happen.  This has to come before any of the fun stuff...the planning and actual travel.  If this step doesn’t happen, your vacation stays right there, as an idea in your mind. 

Your thoughts and attitudes about travel have not been formed overnight.  It will take some time to "reprogram" those old though pathways into something more productive.  That being said,  I have had a lot of recent success in working on my own mindset in relation to my goals.  I really feel that this is a powerful and readily accessible tool to help you move the needle on your goals (travel or otherwise). 

So, are you ready to use the power of your brain to help you manifest your travel goals?  I have created a list of “25 Affirmations to Help You Reach Your Travel Dreams”.  Click here to get your hands on a copy.

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