What is Epicure?

You are probably here because you heard something about Epicure.  You know a friend that uses Epicure food products, or you heard about it in your social circles and you are wondering “What is Epicure” anyways?

Epicure is a company that combines healthy meal solutions, time saving Epicure cookware and super simple meals plans, recipes and shopping lists.  This magical combination makes feeding your family healthy, wholesome meals SO MUCH EASIER!


Celiac Travel: Our First Experience Traveling with Someone with Celiac Disease

Since we got back from our summer vacation, something has really rocked our travel world (and no, it’s not Covid).  My son had been having stomach pains.  They intensified on our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton in August.  We got back and took him to the doctor, and he has now been diagnosed with Celiac disease.