My name is Shanna, and I am a passionate about helping families find real pathways to living their family travel dreams.

I truly believe that travel has the potential to shift our perspective and transform our lives in a way that few other things can.

I am a passionate advocate for more travel. I want to help you take your bucket list trips and make them happen NOW! I want you to travel with your kids and share the world with them NOW, instead of some undetermined time in the future.

Are you ready to live your travel dreams and start checking those trips off of your bucket list?

Let's work together to make your family travel dreams happen! 


I was frustrated.  I knew that travel was important to me.  I knew that there were so many places in the world that I wanted to experience, but I didn’t have the resources (aka - time and money) to do what my heart was calling me to do.

I continued to work hard, but I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel.  I could never quite seem to get “ahead” and I definitely was not getting any closer to checking any of the things off of my growing bucket list.  It was like I could literally feel the weeks and months of my life slipping away, punctuated only by the sting of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities.

Then, a series of important “shifts” happened in my mindset that changed my life forever.  It finally “clicked” for me.  Going after my travel dreams was not a matter of working harder.  I needed to focus on working smarter.  

I could suddenly see that there were other paths that I could be taking to achieve my travel goals.   If I wanted to make these bucket list trips happen NOW and not wait until I was retired, it was going to take some changes in my own life to make it happen.

Now, we have been blessed by having had the opportunity to check some of the big things off of our bucket list (27 countries and counting!)    We have had enough of those “a-ha” travel moments to fill a lifetime. 

The thing that now gives me the deepest satisfaction, though, is being able to share the world with my kids (who already have more stamps in their passport than most adults get in their whole lives!)

Do you worry about how fast your kids are growing up and about missing opportunities to explore the world with them?   How many times have you thought about all of the places that you would love to travel with your kids, but you let those dreams go because you didn't know how to make them happen?

Now, I help families find real pathways to living their travel dreams.  I can help you overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from checking those things off of your bucket list!

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