My Favorite Things

Some of these help us travel better.  Some of these help me in my life.  Some of these help support our health.  Some of them just make me happy.  All of these things impact my life positively in some tangible way.  Enjoy!  

Travel Must Have's

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

I just don't have enough good things to say about this backpack.  It has been all over the world with us.  I can pack for a week for myself and one kid in it (or for a long weekend with both kids). It has a separate laptop storage pouch and am amazing front pouch to keep all of my little essentials, so I generally don't have to open the main part of my bag until we reach our destination.  It generally fits in most overhead bins (though if it is stuffed to the gills, it is questionable on a few planes)...

Best of all?  It is built to last, with heavy duty zippers and double reinforced stitching and straps.  AND it comes with a lifetime warranty, so it is the last backpack you will EVER buy.  

RSVP Skinnies Travel Cocktail Mix

Mama needs her wind down time, especially when traveling with kids. I keep a couple of these in a hidden pouch of my backpack with the handful of other things that I don't travel without.  Just add the local liquor of choice and you are good to go!

Exploding Kittens Travel Card Game

This has been our favorite travel card game, as of late.  It is compact and not too hard to learn and SO DARNED FUNNY!  it is a great game to take out just about anywhere...while waiting in an airport, after dinner at the hotel.  Trust will thank me for spicing up your next trip.  Get the "G" rated version if you have kids.

Chico Bags

Begs have SO MANY uses while traveling.  An extra bag for the airplane.  A bag to hold those extra souvenirs.  A bag for the beach.  A bag for three (or four) bottles of wine (see my note above...mamas need wine and cocktails while traveling with kids).  Last but not least, some places don't offer free bags (and we shouldn't be wasting plastic anyways)...

I keep a couple of these stuffed in my backpack and we use them ALL THE TIME. This is definitely a travel "must" for us.

Things that keep us healthy

Elderberry Syrup from the Elderberry Queen

Our whole family takes this everyday, fall through spring.  It has really made a real difference in our lives because before elderberry syrup, it seemed like someone in our house was sick almost all the time.  Now, we rarely get sick.  

This is a small, mom run company and I have come to trust this brand for having pure, effective, organic elderberry syrup at a great value!  

ps - my kids really love the taste!

Get some here!
Mother Bear Medicinals Skin Salve

All of Trisha's products are amazing and come straight from the heart, but this skin salve in particular has saved us on many occasions.  It is great for bug bites, sunburn, skin irritation (in other words...EVERYTHING), at home or when we travel.  We definitely won't go too far from home without it!

Young Living Essential Oils

When I say that we don't leave home without our oils...I really mean that.  I carry our most used oils around in a little grey pouch everywhere we go.  This is because they are just so darned good at smoothing out all of life's bumps.  

Someone has an ouchie?  I have an oil for that.  Cranky kids?  I have an oil for that. Can't sleep?  I have an oil for that, too!

This starter kit has all of the oils that you will use most often and is a great place to begin your oil journey!

I need some oils!