6 Things that I Love About my Wav Watch!

The Wav Watch is a south frequency therapy tool that is affodable and acecssible the the mainstream public. It uses varying acoustical frequencies (there are more than 800) to gently shift the frequencies of the body. While sound healing has been used since ancient times, this is not a medical treatment and it should not be used in lieu of medical treatment.

Here is what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about my Wav Watch:

I love that my whole family can use my Wav Watch.  

My kids LOVE my WAV watch.  They both have their favorite frequencies that they love, and I love that it teaches them to pay attention to their own self care and make small adjustments as needed.  My son needs the “headache” setting sometimes, and the sleep setting works well for my daughter.

I love how portable my Wav Watch is!  Perfect for travel…

Travel is sort of my thing, and I LOVE that my WAVWatch is easy and compact to take with me.  It is great for jetlag, immune support, hangovers…(just sayin’)  There are not too many other wellness tools that can offer such a HUGE variety of applications in such a small package.

I love that it does not take any extra time in my busy day.

The Wav Watch fits into the little bits of time that you already have in your day, so it  is a great compliment to your busy life. While I think it works best when you can sit still and absorb the frequencies, you can also wear it in the car…at work…while you are falling asleep…pretty much anytime.  Life is crazy, and honestly, wellness solutions that require me to take time out generally fall by the wayside…this fits into my busy life.

Your Wav Watch can help you address concerns when they are little…

I love that I can use it to “fine tune” my body throughout the day.  I use it to address little concerns that previously might just have been ignored or tolerated until they turned into bigger issues.  It really is a great preventative, and it works best when issues are little.

I love making “playlists” on my Wav Watch where I can put commonly used frequencies together.

Your Wav Watch will come with the ability to save certain frequencies onto lists.  These serve a couple of purposes.  It makes it easier to find commonly used frequencies.  It also gives you the ability to put frequencies together and play them all in one list.  For example, this could be great if you felt yourself coming down with a cold and you needed frequencies for headache, sinus clearing and immune support.  You could play all of these together for maximum impact!

I love putting a frequency that I am really needing that day on “repeat” so I can keep playing it until I feel done with it.

Sometimes, once is not enough for some frequencies.  I love that I can put any frequency on repeat (either once, or continually).  You will get a feeling for when you are “done” with a frequency. Sometimes, I stop feeling the “warm, fuzzy” feeling that I get when I start a frequency, or I feel like I have reached a plateau as far as the feeling that I am getting from it.  Sometimes, I only play a frequency once or twice, and sometimes, I play the same one multiple  times (for example, I love using the joining support setting while I am at work because I feel like I keep getting more benefits from it the more I use it.)

Ready to get your own? You can read my full Wav Watch review here, or head right over to check out the Wav Watch itself here (if you grab one, use the code TRAVELWITHSHANNA for significant, exclusive discount for me readers!)


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