7 Reasons that You Need Me As Your Travel Agent

I know that there are lots of options out there today for planning and booking travel, and sometimes, it is hard to know if one has any advantage over another. Should I book using a booking website? Use a travel agent? Just book directly on my own? Does it make any difference?

I am going to make a bold statement and say that I an confident that I can provide you a valuable, worthwhile service in helping you plan your next amazing adventure. 

Here are 7 good reasons why I know that you need me as your travel agent to plan your future vacations:

I care.

I know that every travel agent says this because it is the right “customer focused” thing to say, but it really goes way beyond that for me. I got into this business because I am passionate about helping other people share the blessings of travel that we have experienced. That is really what gets me fired up (if you have ever had a conversation about travel with me, you will know that I can talk about it FOREVER…) I am going to put the same level of care and attention that I use to plan my own family’s vacations into planning trips for your family (because that is just the way that I roll…I just care too much and I really don’t know of any other way to plan a trip!)

I am going to stick to your budget like peanut butter and jelly

I am never going to book you into something outside of your budget just to get a higher commission (see point #1 above…) Over the years, we have taken all levels of trips, from “splurge” trips to “as cheap as possible” (and a few trips that were in the second category but played like they were in the first!) I am an expert at thinking outside of the box and finding amazing destinations and accommodations that will BLOW YOUR MIND at mid to budget level prices.

I have been in the travel industry for 20+ years

In that time, I have seen ALL THE PROBLEMS. I have seen the the problems caused by innocent typos and booking mistakes (both by travelers and agents). I have seen what happens to people when they show up at the airport without the right documents. I have seen over and over what happens when travel professionals don’t do their job and how it can literally RUIN someone’s vacation. I have seen the issues caused by using third party booking sites (just trust me on this one…I don’t generally recommend doing it this way.) I could truly go on and on and on…

My point is that being on the other side of the desk trying to help distressed travelers sort out these sorts of problems has given me an acute sense of the right way and the wrong way to book travel to avoid problems, and I will put all of this knowledge to work for you when helping you plan and book your vacation.

Problems suck, and while travel is never perfect, we are going to work together to do everything we can to avoid them, k?

We have been SO BLESSED over the years to have traveled to 27+ countries…

(and still going!) in all corners of the world, both with kids and without. In all of this travel, we have learned a lot about what different parts of the world are REALLY like, and what works and what doesn’t when traveling to these places. We have made a few (ok, maybe more than a few) mistakes along the way. I will take all of those experiences and real world knowledge and use it when planning and helping you get ready for your trip.

The internet is filled with travel information about travel…but not all of it is good…

and most of it lacks the depth that you need for it to be really useful to plan your vacation. In truth, about 90% of the travel information out there is a waste of your precious time. I mean, how many websites do you really need to tell you the “Top 10 Things to do in X Place”? Life is busy y’all…who has time to comb through all of that?

Over years and years of planning our own trips, I have learned what is valuable to know and where to find it, and I know what not to waste time on. Let me help you push the “easy” button on planning your trip and save you those endless hours combing the internet. Pretty please?

I get really excited about planning travel with kids…

and about the real and true benefits that travel gives to our children. I have seen the many benefits of travel for my own kids. Because of this, I am on a real mission to get folks out traveling with their kids while they are young, because it is these early travel experiences and memories that will stick with them for a lifetime.

These travel memories influence the kinds of trips that they look to take with their own families someday, and in this way I really believe that travel can change lives. I work really hard to plan trips for the whole family that will create lasting family memories.

I have a super details oriented style of planning trips and a knack for finding “off the beaten path” gems

I get crazy excited about digging deep and finding those awesome, off the beaten path gems. I get that this isn’t for everybody (and if your travel style is just to sit and relax and not think too much, we are still cool. I can roll that way sometimes, too!)

But if you are all about authentic, real travel experiences that add layers of depth and meaning to your vacation memories, then this deeper level of what I offer is going to be the icing on the cake and this is really, really going to be good fit.


I am a details obsessed travel agent who helps busy families take the overwhelm out of planning epic vacations filled with cherished memories.  

I have been to more than 40 countries (both with kids and without), and I would be honored to help you plan your next epic vacation! Click here to reach out to schedule a time for a free vacation consultation. 

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